Things fall apart

Well, that post about SpaceX didn’t age well, if you consider public opinion on Elon Musk. Mostly, I try not to consider him at all.

Speaking of Elon Musk! I deleted my Twitter account, not because I am so very pure and above-it-all but because it seemed like my time could be better spent on other things. I’ve recently become very keen on My Personal Brand™ (maybe Elon and I have more in common than I thought). Either way, you can soon find me on an episode of the B2B Content Show. I’ll share more here when it’s gone live.

It’s a strange time to be in tech, isn’t it? Years and years and years ago, I was an editor at a supply chain tech magazine, and I wrote a lot of articles about the dot-com bubble. At that time, it was pets.com and Webvan in the news. (If you didn’t already know how aged I am…now you know.) Recently, I had cause to remember that I’d interviewed the VP of supply chain at Amazon, who told me how much he loved bookstores. That guy is at Wayfair now, presumably telling reporters how much he loves furniture stores.

Anyway. That experience taught me that these things happen. Banks fail, companies do layoffs. Startups get acquired, or they get sold for parts. I’ve been a part of both scenarios and I’m still here to tell the tale. So eventually we’ll all get up off the mat and get after it, I just know it.