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About Sarah

I am a content strategist and tech marketer based in Cleveland, Ohio. I primarily work remotely for established tech companies and startups, but I’ve also done various consulting work, including content creation, market research, and ghostwriting for tech executives.

How I got here

My career in writing and marketing brought me to the tech sector when I joined a cloud-based field service software company as a content specialist. When that company was acquired by Oracle, I did stints there as a product manager and a senior content writer for a global go-to-market team, where I owned messaging for a $4B line of business. For a while, I was the senior content strategist for a GIS software startup; I’ve also written extensively for PwC’s global website and their strategy+business publication. Now, I lead content operations at Within3, a first-to-market insights management platform for the life science industry.

My work interests

I’ve found that if you don’t know what your buyer does and what sucks about their job, it’s difficult to create content they care much about. So, I try to find out what sucks and then tell them how to fix it. In resumé parlance: I articulate the capabilities of technical products and services in a way that helps B2B  consumers understand these products’ impact on their business operations.

I particularly like working with salespeople and helping them communicate effectively with customers and prospects. I’ve supported North American sales teams of less than a dozen and global sales forces of up to 700.

My happiest work environments provide me with the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how technology solves business problems and to share that knowledge with potential customers.

Outside of work

Other interests include reading, baking, knitting, quilting, history and politics (Tudor England, pre-revolutionary France, North Korea, WWII), and literature about exploration and mountaineering. I enjoy watching baseball and Formula 1 racing. I formerly co-hosted and produced a podcast about British television shows, including the one about soggy bottoms.

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