It’s time, with my Oracle ID badge now sitting in shredded repose at the bottom of a trash bag, to let you know that I’ve accepted a position as senior content strategist for Boundless Spatial. (Shredding the ID wasn’t an act of malice, that’s just how they roll. They shred your corporate card, too.)

I really enjoyed my time at Oracle, but have to mention here that I’m super excited about this new opportunity. I’ll be working with some former colleagues, which adds a nice layer of familiarity. I’m also looking forward to being part of a smaller organization again. There are things I liked about working for a behemoth, but the opportunity to really make an impact just doesn’t present itself to the rank and file like it does in a leaner operation.

I’m also ready to devote myself to content production again. I wouldn’t say those muscles have atrophied, exactly, it’s just that I’ll be stretching them in new directions and applying them to a different set of needs. I’ll be very busy and there will be a new and fairly steep learning curve, but I’ve navigated a couple of those before and it turned out all right, I’d say.

Day one tomorrow! Here we go!